Small Ant Exterminating Tips

Small Ant Exterminating

In order to prevent ghost ants, you can treat your home as well as the areas where they nest. One way to deal with ants is to disinfect your kitchen and bathroom areas. To prevent them from coming back, clean up spills and put away food in a timely manner. Clean your cupboards regularly and remove plants that produce honeydew or attract aphids. You should also address any moisture issues. A professional pest control company can provide you with more information.

While you may think that spraying foraging ants will provide immediate relief, it is unlikely to provide permanent control because these are only a small part of the colony.…

Getting Rid Of Boxelder Bugs

There are many different pest problems that can be controlled by using insecticides, but there are a few insects that are particularly difficult getting rid of. Boxelder bugs have long been a pest problem for many people. These bugs, which are native to the USA, can live in the sub-zero temperatures and damp conditions of many states. This article will discuss how to control boxelder bugs during the fall, winter, spring and summer.

If you do not want to use pesticides, you might need to contact a professional pest control company for boxelder bug control.…